The Department of Physics named after "E. R. Caianiello" has the responsibility to organise about 70 teaching courses, mostly for the Science and Engineering faculties.

Part of the teachers and researchers are associated to:

  • INFN (National Institute for Nuclear Physics) - the Department hosts a "Gruppo Collegato" ("linked group") of the Section of Napoli;
  • INGV (National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology);
  • SPIN (Institute for Superconductors, New materials and devices) of the CNR (National Research Council).

The Department runs intense research activities in theoretical and experimental Physics, profiting of many national and international agreements set up in the last years; more information can be found in the "Research" area of this site.

The Department hosts the Ph. D. Course in Physics, established in 1990, and the International Ph. D. Course in Physics of Matter and Astrophysics.