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Unravelling the electric transport mechanisms of emerging photovoltaic devices by means of noise spectroscopy

17 Maggio 2017 15:00 - 16:00
14 - 15 IV piano St. 9
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Dipartimento di Fisica ``E.R. Caianiello``
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Superconduttivita', Sistemi fortemente correlati, Eterostrutture e loro applicazioni

Emerging photovoltaic cells offer the potential to change the landscape of how energy is produced and used. They represent a promising alternative to the existing photovoltaic technology due to the low manufacturing cost, low material consumption, and thin film architecture. For the development of advanced devices based on innovative materials, the optimization of performances and quality is a basic requirement. In this respect, electric noise spectroscopy has the notable advantage to be an extremely sensitive and non-destructive technique useful to identify the kinetic processes and the dynamic behaviors of the charge carriers. In this work, the fundamental electric transport properties and a detailed characterization of the defect states, either artificially and naturally induced, are analyzed by studying the fluctuation mechanisms in three different photovoltaic systems: reference Silicon-based devices, bulk heterojunction polymer solar cells, and last generation perovskite-based devices. The obtained results are very interesting from both theoretical and applied research points of view, in view to realize practical and widespread systems for the energy production.


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  • 17 Maggio 2017 15:00 - 16:00

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Calendario Attività